Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What if my child cannot make practice?
Answer: Practice is not mandatory. If the problem is just the night that the team practices on he / she may practice with another team in the proper age group.


Question:  What if my child try's out for travel?
Answer:  We strongly encourage your child to try out for travel .  But, if you or your child do not want to play in both programs we suggest you wait before signing up for rec until after you see if your child makes the team.  We do not refund.  Your child can play both.
Question:  My child does not want to play any more can I get a refund?
Answer:  We only give refunds if a child gets hurt and supplies a doctor excuse or you move out of state and will forward the refund check to the new address.

Question: Can my child be on the same team with his friends or neighbors?
Answer: Sorry, but we do not honor car-pool requests due to the vast number of players in our league.

Question: Can we register our own team and keep them together until they go to high school?
Answer: No. Teams are not kept together as they move to the next age group. Our goal is FUN and we encourage our players and coaches to learn to work with new teammates.

Question: My child is too big / small for the age group he / she is assigned to - can we request a change?
Answer: No. Our age group categories are determined by the city and for insurance purposes we must adhere to the birth date guidelines.


Question: My child does not like to play goalkeeper - is it required?
Answer: No. But, we encourage our players to try every position.